New design up and running.

Today, I spent most of the day, at least the portion that I wasn’t running fire and medical calls, developing a new theme for my website. Personally I like my themes to be simplified and clean. I also like to integrate social media as much as possible, and while it is not quite integrated, it will be over the next few days/weeks.

Now I just need to focus on reworking and adding content to my site, to get it back up to snuff.

Let me know of what you think about the new design, and if you think I should add anything else.



Welcome to my website

I have developed this website as a way for me to display myself, my work, my goals, my accomplishments, and anything else I decide to add to this website. This site will continue to be a work in progress, constantly changing as I learn more about web development and other fields that I am interested in.

A Little About Me:

I live in small town Madison, Georgia, where I am married, with three kids.

I am a web developer at Madison Studios. Currently my role is to develop websites from custom designs, sometimes in static HTML, but mostly on WordPress, as themes, and occasionally as themes for Magento, for ecommerce websites. I also custom code some systems in PHP, and occasionally write plugins for WordPress when need arises. For those who don’t know what any of this means. I develop the code that you normally don’t see that makes a website function.

I am also a volunteer firefighter with Morgan County Fire Rescue, where I respond to fires, accidents, and medical calls when my schedule allows me to. I have completed and obtained certifications in NPQ FF1 & FF2, as well as Emergency Medical Responder. I am fixing to also begin classes for EMT level training this week.

What do I plan to have in this blog?

I am not really sure to tell you the truth. I know there are a few things that I will add to it, just not sure what all it will contain. Some of the items I do plan on it having is…

  • Interesting articles, and information that I find
  • My goals, and accomplishments
  • Tools that others may find useful

One thing I can tell you is that sometimes blog entries will be frequent, and at others, there won’t be anything for quite some time.

Thanks for reading.



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